Induce energy

Induce your own energy? That's possible in a few different ways


By inducing energy you will have a lower energy bill every month and you will help to improve the environment. Do you want to make sure your customers can profit from this as well? Have a look at our products to see if they are interesting for your target group.


ServiceHouse also sets up and guides projects from beginning to end. Do you have a roof of at least 500m2 surface? If this is the case, our sun-initiatives might be interesting for you. ServiceHouse would love to set up a cooperation or SDE-project for you. Both you and the people in your surroundings will benefit from it!


We can take care of everything for you; from financing and exploitation, to maintenance and control of the cooperation. Are you interested in a solar project? Contact us soon by filling in our contact form. We will find out what the options are for your roof. If your roof isn’t the right fit, we will find a project for you that is a better match.




Solar panels on your own roof

Solar panels convert light in to electricity. By inducing energy, you will reduce your energy bill. Depending on the orientation, shades and the roof slope, you will have earned back the innvestment within seven years. You can offer solar panels through ServiceHouse at a favorable price. The installation will be done by renowned installers.


Solar projects

Your customer will become the owner of the solar panels on the roof of a company in their neighborhood. This means they will get green energy and a 15 year long lower  energy bill thanks to exemption of energy taxes. Practical and administrative tasks will be taken care of for your customer. The energy that is being induced, will be settled on the energy bill.



Your customer can purchase a piece of a windmill, a so called ''Windpart''. A Windpart induces an average of 500 kWh per year. The induced energy will be settled on your customers energy bill. Wind energy on land in The Netherlands is the most profitable way to induce energy.

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