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We keep expanding our range of products, so that you have more options to choose from. You can select one or more products that you want to sell to your customers. 


Are you interested in investing in a project? Take a look at our current projects below.





Alongside our products and services, we also set up different solar-projects. We coördinate these projects from beginning to end and take care of everything in between. 


Share the wind

Become the co-owner of our newest windmill ''Het Vliegend Hert'' in Rouveen. For EUR 223, you can purchase a piece of the windmill, a so called ''Windpart'', which gives you 500 kWh energy every year for 20 years. If you don't have a roof that is a good for solar panels or if you think the investment costs too much, Windparts might be the right choice for you. This way you can get 100% green energy, through your own Dutch windmill. 


Share the sun

Is your roof the right fit for solar panels and are you looking for a sustainable project? ServiceHouse will install a solar-installation on your roof. You, your neighbours and entrepreneurs in your area will profit from our solar-project. Participants don't have to pay energy taxes for 15 years for the induced energy on their own electricity bill. As a roof owner you will recieve a yearly roof-fee and the solar panel installation will be yours after 15 years.


Lease the sun

Put up your roof for availability to ServiceHouse and save money on your electricity bill. The money you will save is more than the monthly lease-fee for using the solar-installation. On top of that you -as the owner of the roof- will recieve a yearly roof-fee. You don't need an investment, you save the money straight away and your house becomes more sustainable. After 15 years you will have the right the buy the installation at a favorable price.


Invest in the sun

Due to arrangements from the government it is possible to set up a profitable solar panel project on your roof. You need enough financial means, for buying and efficiently executing the installation. Besides that you have to be able to afford the risks during the exploitation phase and maintenance needs. Interested in investing? Contact us and ServiceHouse would love to make you a great offer for a project.


Our current projects

V.V. Bruse Boys
Get energy from the Bruse Boys!

Solar panel project V.V. Bruse Boys

V.V. Bruse Boys at Nijverheidsweg in Bruinisse has made her roof available for a collective solar panel-project. 206 solar panels have been installed on this roof, that are available for people who live in the same area or who are interested in this project.
Gazelle fabriek II
Gazelle. To make you more sustainable

SDE+ Koninklijke Gazelle

The factory of Koninklijke Gazelle in Dieren has made a switch to sustainable solar energy through solar panels. Due to this the factory is self sufficiënt.
Local entrepeneurs as initiator

Solar panel-project Breda-Belcrum

Local entrepeneur Paul Bartels initiated the solar panel-project with his company Brainstorm & Concept. As a roof owner and initiator in the area of sustainability, entrepeneurs and locals can strengthen each other.
Biggest solar panel-project in Utrecht

Solar panel-project Pon Dealer

The first and biggest solar panel-project in Utrecht produces 2228.851 kWh electricity on a yearly basis. It provides 82 households with their yearly electricity needs.
Zonnepanelen Leusden
We need your roof for our national energy goals!

SDE+ Pon Leusden

Due to solar panels Pon Leusden now has the energy label A. Besides that they are profiting from the induced electricity through the SDE + subsidy arrangement.
Zonnepanelen De Regenboog
The Saman Group has worked together with her township for a sustainable Hoedekenskerke

Solar panel-project Hoedekenskerke

The Saman Group from Zeeland has worked together with township Borsele and primary school De Regenboog, on the energy goals of the town whilst locals could profit from it.

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